Welcome to Sola Bee Farms.

Family Farming since 1861.
Sola Bee honey comes from the first producer, from our hives directly to you.

Tauzer Apiaries: Sustainable Family Beekeepers

Since we homesteaded in 1861, our farm has evolved and innovated as the times changed. Ranging from raising livestock to keeping bees, the Tauzer family homestead has illustrated the commitment to caring for the land and preserving family farming. Sola Bee Farms is the newest derivation of California agriculture on the Tauzer Family Homestead. We have taken the commitment to quality and innovation and, like the flowers our bees rely on, our farm runs with the energy of the sun. With an eye on our long history in California agriculture and our newest future pursuit we are excited to offer the products from our hive directly to you.

Sola Bee Farms prides itself on maintaining healthy bees from safe, local regions. We are always in search of new environments for our bees to live and thrive. Let us know if you're interested in having Sola Bees on your Northern California property. 

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