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Upcoming Event

Winter's Harvest Festival October 26th

Come visit us at the Winters Harvest Festival!
Claire will be out and about in Downtown Winters this coming Friday evening from 6-9pm. It's a celebration of the end of Harvest and the bounty of foods our region produces. Come taste our local honey varietals and enjoy music, good food, and good company.
Learn more here!


Black Button Sage Honey is Back

Black Button Sage lovers rejoice! Our beloved light honey is finally back in stock. Check your local Sola Bee retailer to pick up a jar, or order online! 




Recipes to Nourish

Thank you Recipes to Nourish for creating this delicious recipe using Sola Bee Honey! 

Upcoming Event

Flavor! Napa Valley Festival 2016

Flavor! Napa Valley Event
Sola Bee will be participating on Sunday, March 20th 2016 
Celebrate all that our wonderful region has to offer at the Flavor! Napa Valley event benefiting the Culinary Institute of America.  
For more information or to purchase tickets, visit http://flavornapavalley.com/events/schedule-at-a-glance/
We hope to see you there!


Fall Farmer's Markets

Even as summer draws to a close, Sola Bee markets are still buzzing with activity! We can still be found at the following locations:
Tuesdays, West Sacramento River Walk, 10:00-2:00 - year-round (weather permitting - catch us before the rain does!)
Wednesdays, Cesar Chavez Plaza, 10:00-1:30 - ends October 28th
Saturdays, East Sacramento - McKinley Park, 8:00-1:30 - ends October 24th
Saturdays, Sunrise Mall, 8:00-1:00 - year round!


Sola Bee featured in Sacramento Magazine!

Sola Bee Farms' Wild Blackberry and Wine Country Wildflower honeys were recently featured in the Eat and Drink section of Sac Mag! Check out the article here!
Our pure raw varietals are available all over California - not just Sacramento. See our Locations page for a complete listing!

Upcoming Event

Autumn Events!

Sola Bee Farms is busy for the harvest season! See below for a list of our upcoming events.
September 12th - Capay Crush @ Capay Organic
We will be sampling Sola Bee honey at Capay's best wine festival - including our ever-popular Wine Country Wildflower! Don't miss it!
For more information and tickets, click here!
September 26th - Farm to Fork Festival, Sacramento
Sola Bee Farms will be buzzing out to the State Capitol! We will be teaming up with Nugget Market to sample our pure, raw, local honey varietals. Come join us for a day of fun, friends, and especially food! Click here for more information.
October 3rd - Hoes Down Harvest Festival @ Full Belly Farm
Sola Bee is sponsoring the Hoes Down this year, and will be bringing our own harvest of sweet goodness to celebrate! This is one event you don't want to miss. Visit their website here!

Upcoming Event

See you at the Gala!

Sola Bee Farms will once again be participating in the Yolo County Fair Opening Night Gala on August 19th!
The event will be from 6-8 PM and will show off the bounty of Yolo county including tastings from local farms and wineries. As always, we will be highlighting our local honey, but are also featuring information on pollination and bee education. Stop on by and say hi!
For tickets and more information visit the fair website here.
Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Event

State Fair is Here!

Sola Bee Farms is excited to announce our participation in the 2015 California State Fair! We will be sampling our delicious honey as well as educating the public on our bees. How sweet is that?!
We will be at the State Fair's In The Raw tasting area July 10th AND July 26th - stop on by!
For more information on the State Fair or to see a full schedule of events, visit their website -> http://www.castatefair.org/home/


Want to Make Your Garden More Bee Friendly?

Want to make your garden more bee friendly? Use these tools!
Visit the website of the Pollinator Partnership! They offer incredible resources to help you plan your garden. You can enter your zipcode and they will give you a pollinator plant guide- specific to your region and climate! 
Every plant helps! 

Upcoming Event

Woodland Farmer's Market

Check out what our wonderful artist/employee Lee Klemens created for the Woodland Farmer's Market Chalk on the Block Event! 



Epicurious Features Sola Bee

Hey Sheela Prakash, wecome to the honey obsessed family! Thank you for your glorious story and wonderful recipe ideas:
Read her article below courtesy of Epicurious.com:
The addiction started eight years ago. I was visiting the Union Square Greenmarket for the first time, and there was a local beekeeper there. He had samples. 
Free samples. 
Lots of them. 
Up until then I'd only tasted the overly sweet, one-note honeys that line most grocery store shelves. But these honeys were different. They were nuanced and complex. They smelled like flowers. 
I bought a jar and brought it home. And ever since, I've been on a rampage, picking up a jar or two of local honey whenever I travel and precariously pining over the shelves at speciality food stores. 
Now, my pantry is crammed. The shelves are sticky. They sag under the jars' weight. 
I'm not alone in this addiction. "There's something about honey that can just hook you in," says Rebekah Peppler, Brooklyn-based food stylist and author of Honey. She's gone down the honey rabbit hole, too. 
This is how to fall down that hole yourself.

A fascination with honey often starts with a fascination of how honey is made, a natural process that is as complex and perfect as anything happening at, say, Apple. To put it briefly: Honey is made from the nectar of flowers. Bees suck the nectar from flower blooms and store it in their stomachs. While there, the nectar mixes with protein and enzymes, which breaks the nectar down from sucrose into glucose and fructose. Once at the hive, the bees deposit the converted nectar into the cells of the hive and fan it with their wings until enough moisture evaporates that it has become the thick syrup we know as honey. The bees cap the cells with wax for storage (because honey isn't just food for us—bees feed on it as well), which indicates to a beekeeper that the honey can be collected.

Like wine, honey can be blends of several nectars, or they can be made solely with one type of nectar. A proper honey addict is familiar with the most common single-varieties, has respect for all of them, but has a few he or she loves more than the others. A few of the more than 300 varieties in the United States:

  • Acacia: From the yellow clusters of flowers of acacia trees, this is the sweetest, most delicate honey available. It's clear and almost agave-like.
  • Clover: Floral and mild. The most readily-available variety and good for all-purpose use.
  • Tupelo: From the flowers of Tupelo trees that grow in the swamps of north Florida, this is an extremely rare honey that has a clear, gold-toned color and a rich, buttery flavor.
  • Orange Blossom: Another great all-purpose honey, made from the white flowers of orange trees. Perfectly sweet, with fresh citrus undertones.
  • Buckwheat: One of the most robust varieties, from the flowers of the buckwheat plant. It's color is deep, dark brown and its flavor is reminiscent of molasses.
  • Chestnut: Another honey that isn't messing around. Strong and slightly bitter. This personal addict's favorite.

"When we place honey bees in an area where certain flowers are in bloom, we get that variety of honey," says Claire Tauzer, General Manager of Sola Bee Farms. Beekeepers will shuttle bees to certain locations to yield single-variety honeys—a clover field, say, to make clover honey.
But honey made from various types of flowers is also possible. "Honey bees will stick to a single source of nectar and pollen if it is clean and high quality. That said, in many areas and seasons there are many different types of plants blooming that are all healthy and nutritious for honey bees. This is why you get seasonal honey and varietals with more than one flower source, like wildflower honey."
It's perfectly acceptable to become addicted to a high-quality blend. 

Honey addicts will quickly realize that every honey has its own consistency—some are translucent and flow freely, others creamy and spreadable, and a few thick and practically solid. This is due to the chemical makeup of the nectar that made the honey: the more glucose in the honey, the more likely it will be dense and opaque; the more fructose, the clearer and thinner the honey will be. 
Honey addicts should embrace all honeys, regardless of its consistency, including crystallized honey. Tauzer notes: "Quality honey can be crystalized in the jar, which is actually a good thing. It shows that the honey you are buying has not been watered down or overheated and filtered." 
Crystallized honey can be restored to its smooth, liquid consistency by placing the jar in warm water. But a true addict will spread it on toast as-is.

At this point in your addiction you'll begin to suspect that the honey you've been pouring from those cute plastic bears all your life is amateur stuff. Not enough flavor. Eerily consistent. 
It stings, but you're on the right path.
Honey bears "are not bad in and of themselves," says Tauzer. "But historically they have been used by very large importers of honey from China and other countries. It's hard to track the origin or actual flower source of these honeys, and if you don't know where it comes from, I wouldn't trust it."
Zeke Freeman, founder of Bee Raw, concurs. "It's honey, but it's honey that has been ultra-filtered to remove all traces of pollen and has likely been diluted with less expensive sugars to make it cheaper. Not having any pollen hides the original source of honey and makes it very difficult to tell if other less expensive sugars have been used to dilute the honey."
Time to let go of those honey bears, addict. Use up whatever bears you have lingering in your pantry, then kiss them goodbye.

Raw honey is honey that hasn't been heated past pasteurization. Because of this "it most likely has all of its beneficial pollen, amino acids and enzymes intact," says Freeman. Addicts like raw honey, because it has more nuance.

How do addicts cook with honey? The better question is how do they not
Morning honey—spread thick on toast or drizzled onto Greek yogurt or oatmeal—is the gateway meal for most addicts. 


Roast meat and vegetables take particularly well to honey, caramelizing them and bringing out their rich flavors. "Orange Blossom honey has all these gorgeous citrus flavors, so combine it with lemon and brush it over roast chicken," Peppler says. Just note that honey can burn, so brush it on your roast during the last 10 to 15 minutes of cooking. 


Honey addicts drink their honey as often as they eat it. "I keep a honey simple syrup in my fridge at all times," says Peppler. Experiment with different honeys: delicate Clover honey is a great match with gin, as it won't compete with its herbal notes, while spicy, molasses-like Buckwheat honey can stand up to darker spirits like rum and whiskey.


"Salad dressings are a great way to learn the different flavors of honey," says Peppler. Let the honey you reach for mimic the greens you are dressing: a strong, slightly bitter honey like Chestnut stands up well to kale or radicchio, while mild Acacia is a better match for delicate greens like butter lettuce.


Another well-loved combination is cheese and honey, a pairing that instantly upgrades a ho-hum cheese board. But which honeys to choose? Peppler recommends looking at the region that both are made—if the cheese and honey are produced in the same area, it's likely that they will go perfectly together. Lavender honey, which hails from Provence, France, is floral and not too sweet and pairs perfectly with fresh, tangy goat cheese, which is also produced all over the region.


The final frontier of cooking with honey: baking with honey. Since it's sweeter and more liquid than granulated sugar, you'll want to "err on the side of less honey than sugar—you’ll wipe out your tastebuds with one to one ratio," says Peppler. You'll also need to reduce the other liquids called for in the recipe. This requires a bit of trial and error. Not willing to play around? Other than using a recipe that intentionally calls for honey, the other no-fail option is to reach for recipes that call for other liquid sweeteners like maple syrup and molasses and swap honey in.


Farmer's Markets are buzzing in 2015!

Sola Bee Farms is excited to announce the start of our 2015 Farmer's Market season! Come and visit us at any of the following locations:

Fremont Park Certified Farmer's Market - Tuesdays, 10:00-1:30
Roosevelt Park Certified Farmer's Market -  Tuesdays, 10:30-1:30
Chavez Plaza Certified Farmer's Market - Wednesdays, 10:00-1:30
Capitol Mall Certified Farmer's Market - Thursdays, 10:00-1:30
Mack Road-Valley Hi Farmer's Market - Thursdays, 4:00-8:00
Natomas Promenade Certified Farmer's Market - Saturdays, 8:00-12:00
East Sac Farmer's Market - Saturdays, 8:00-1:00

The Woodland Farmer's Market - Saturdays, 9:00-12:00
Woodland Healthcare Farmer's Market - Tuesdays, 4:30-7:00

West Sacramento:
West Sacramento Farmer's Market - Thursdays, 4:30-dusk

Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Event

A Mid-Winter Beekeeper's Feast

Come out and support the Robert Mondavi Honey and Pollination Center! January 31st, 2015. 

New Store Location

Coming to a Sprouts near you!

Sola Bee Farms is proud to announce our brand new partnership with Sprouts Farmers Markets! Stay tuned for locations and details!


Sola Bee Farms Feature

Our friends at Stemple Creek Ranch featured Sola Bee on their blog! We are happy to be partnering with local farmers to help our Sola Bees stay happy and healthy. Thank you!
Read the article HERE: http://stemplecreek.com/blog/whats-the-buzz-about


Black Button Sage is Flying Away

We are sad to say that as of December 2014, our Black Button Sage varietal is sold out! Due to last year's drought, our Sola Bees did not make any of this delicious varietal. We still have five other wonderful honeys to choose from, so there is always something for everyone!

New Store Location

Sola Bee has gone nationwide with Dean & Deluca!

Dean & Deluca Gourmet Food and Gifts
Sola Bee Farms has partnered with Dean & Deluca online and in store! Our California artisan honey varietals can now be found at your local Dean & Deluca marketplace. 
See our locations page for specific stores! 

Upcoming Event

Nugget Market's Local Love Fair

Join us for Nugget Market's Local Love Fair!
Feb 6th-8th Sola Bee Farms will be sampling and pairing all of our delicious honey varietals to celebrate the newly remodeled Nugget Woodland Market! 
Stop by and celebrate with us!


Sola Bee Farms Supports Yolo County Food Bank


Just in time for the holidays, Sola Bee Farms will be donating honey to Kids Farmers Markets (KFM), a program of Yolo Food Bank. All students that participate in KFM the week of December 2 will receive a free 2 oz. jar of local Sola Bee honey and learn about honey bee pollination.
Kids Farmers Market is a weekly after school program that provides each child with approximately 10 pounds of free produce and nutrition education. Students also have an opportunity to learn about where their food comes from. Claire Tauzer of Sola Bee Farms began volunteering with the program earlier this year, wanting to reach out personally and connect directly with youth supported by Yolo Food Bank’s programs. Tauzer’s recent involvement in KFM follows a long-standing relationship between Tauzer Apiaries/Sola Bee Farms and Yolo Food Bank.
This event is for media and not the general public. Please RSVP to Elaine Fok (contact info above) to get credentials to enter school grounds.
WHEN: Monday, December 2 to Friday, December 6, 2013
WHERE: Waggoner Elementary School (Winters), Esparto K-8 School (Esparto), Westfield Village Elementary (West Sacramento), and Whitehead Elementary (Woodland)
TIME: 2:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
“Kids Farmers Market allows young people an opportunity to learn about the importance of whole foods and local agriculture. By teaching these kids about healthy fruits, vegetables, and farm commodities, we are giving them more than just access to good nutrition, Yolo Food Bank is helping them build a foundation for a solid nutritional future.”
-Claire Tauzer, General Manager and “Queen Bee,” Sola Bee Farms

1244 Fortna Avenue • Woodland, CA 95776 • (530) 668-0690 (office) • (530) 668-8530 (fax)

“Yolo Food Bank is proud to partner with Sola Bee Farms to provide free local honey to more than 1,000 kids in our County. Partnerships such as these encourage health and nutrition at the earliest ages and highlight the importance of eating healthy food that is produced locally.”
-Kevin Sanchez, Executive Director, Yolo Food Bank
About Sola Bee Farms
Sola Bee Farms is a local honey company, born from a family of beekeepers who began beekeeping in 1973. Sola Bee Farms prides themselves on being first producers. Their honey farm is solar powered and they utilize the greenest packaging available for their honey jars. Tauzer Apiaries/Sola Bee Farms has donated money every year to various Yolo Food Bank programs. The Kids Farmers Market is a great way for Sola Bee to “bee” involved and see the direct impact of their donations. For more information on Sola Bee Farms, and to purchase your own local honey, visit them at www.solabeefarms.com.
About Yolo Food Bank

The mission of Yolo Food Bank (YFB) is to alleviate hunger and malnutrition in Yolo

County. To achieve this, YFB distributes 3 million pounds of food annually. Through

our distribution programs and partnerships with 60 non-profit partner agencies,

approximately 25,000 residents are served each month. In addition, YFB is committed

to nutrition and increased access to fresh fruits and vegetables. In 2012, one-quarter of

the food distributed by Yolo Food Bank was fresh produce. 



West Sacramento Farmer's Market

Join us in our first Farmer's Market in West Sacramento!

Sola Bee will be there every Thursday until 9/26 from 4:30 until dusk
Click here for a map! 

Upcoming Event

Williams-Sonoma Artisan Markets!

Join us at Williams-Sonoma's August Artisan Markets!
August 3rd from 12-4pm at the Roseville Galleria store!
1151 Galleria Blvd #128 Roseville, CA 95678

August 10th from 12-4pm at the Sacramento Pavillions store!
525 Pavilions Ln Sacramento, CA 95825
Amazing Local Producers, Discounts for buying direct! 


Sola Bee Farms is featured in the Sacramento Business Journal

Check out Claire and Sola Bee Farms in the Sacramento Business Journal article, "Getting Products on the Shelf Takes Effort"

New Store Location

New SF Location!

We are proud to be a part of the famous Haight Street Market! Family owned and operated since 1981, this amazing market has delicious sandwiches and fresh local products! 
1530 Haight Street
San Francisco. CA 94117

Upcoming Event

Sola Bee Farms in going to the Beach!

Surf's Up! 

Sola Bee is heading to Santa Cruz and Capitola next week! 

Whole Foods Santa Cruz on Tuesday from 3-6pm! 

Whole Foods Capitola on Wednesday from 2-6pm!

We'll be near the salty ocean with our sweet nectar...what more could you want? 

Upcoming Event

Wings of Life

Join us for the Davis Premier Showing of Disneynature's "Wings of Life"! 
Click here for more info!



A Huge Thanks to the Sacramento Natural Foods Co Op and Chef Dio!

Our "Honey, What's for Dinner Event" at the Sacramento Co Op was wonderful! Thank you to all who attended, especially Chef Dio from A Healthful Kitchen Sacramento!
Check out Chef Dio's website http://www.ahealthykitchensac.com
We'll share a few of the recipes soon!

Upcoming Event

Eco Chic Market Demo

Come check out our newest retailer, Eco Chic Market on 318 Main St. in Vacaville! Wonderful products for home, baby, and tummy! 
June 11th from 11am to 2pm!

Upcoming Event

Sacramento Co-Op Honey Dinner!

Come out and support us! June 13th at the Sacramento Co-Op Learning and Cooking School!

Upcoming Event

Earth Day at Sac Co Op this Saturday!

Claire and all six honey varietals will be at Earth Day at the Sacramento Co-Op
1900 Alhambra in Midtown Sacramento this Saturday from 10am to 1pm!
Come on over to shop, enjoy the Earth Day Festivities and have a sweet taste of nectar :) 


Sola Bee's have Landed on the Shelves of Nugget Markets!

Sola Bee Farms is proud to annouce that our delicious honey varietals are now on the shelves at Nugget Markets!
Also, Claire and Moret will be busy bees offering demos from April 24th through May 19th in all 9 locations! 
We'd love to see you buzz on by during one of our demos! The market dates and times are: 
Davis (Covell) 4/24 3:30-6pm
Davis (Mace) 4/25 3:30-6pm
Davis (Covell) 4/26 3:30-6pm
W.Sacramento 4/29 3:30-6pm
Elk Grove 4/30 3:30-6pm
Sacramento 5/1 3:30-6pm
Roseville 5/2 3:30-6pm
El Dorado 5/3 11am-2pm
Woodland 5/6 4:30-7pm
Davis (Mace) 5/6 3:30-6pm
Roseville 5/9 4:30-7pm
Elk Grove 5/9 3:30-6pm
Vacaville 5/10 4:30-7pm
Sacramento 5/10 3:30-6pm
W. Sacramento 5/13 4:30-7pm
El Dorado Hills 5/15 4:30-7pm
Vacaville 5/15 11am to 2pm
Woodland 5/15 4pm tp 6pm

Upcoming Event

This week's Santa Cruz and Capitola Demos!



Sacramento Co Op Reporter Interviews Claire

Check out page 12 for Claire's Interview on Sola Bee Farms!


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UNIT Partners Receive Buzz for Sola Bee Farm's Packaging

We love positive buzz about our fantastic label designers. Check out the latest news!


Free Honey Sampling!

Hey Sola Bee Fans and New Bees!
Sola Bee Farms will be at the Davis Whole Foods Market this Sunday, March 3rd from 3 to 6pm. Join Claire for honey comparisions, tasting, and delicious pairings! If you're a Bay Area Sola Bee Fan, come by and buzz around Moret at the Berkeley Bowl West store (Heinz Ave.)  Thursday, March 7th from 10-3pm! Moret will be there, will all six honey varietals, ready to share the sweet nectar with any one who dares to bee a Sola Bee fan. 
Thanks for checking in! 

Upcoming Event

New Year, New Honey Events

Happy New Year!
Come out and restock your favorite Sola Bee varietals at this months in-store demos. We know your father-in-law snuck the last of that Yellow Star Thistle honey!
January 4th- Whole Foods Market Davis! 11-3pm 
January 5th- Elliot's Natural Foods 10-4pm
January 14th- Whole Foods Market Capitola 3-7pm
January 15th- Whole Foods Market Santa Cruz 11-2pm and Staff of Life Market Santa Cruz 3-7pm
January 16th- Whole Foods Market Arden 3-7pm
As always, we appreciate your sweet support! 

New Store Location

Two New Locations in Sacramento!

We are so excited about our two new Sola Bee Farms retailers in Sacto! 
Whole Foods Market, Arden
4315 Arden Way
Sacramento, CA 95864
916. 488. 2800
Gabby Girl Gifts
1013 2nd St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
Stop in to one, or both, of these great stores before the holiday season is over! 



Demos Demos Demos!

Hey there holiday honey lovers! 
Claire is out there busy as a bee trying to get Sola Bee honey into your hands and mouths for the holidays. She will be at the following locations for honey tasting and sales in the next few weeks! 
December 1st: Whole Foods Davis- 11am-3pm
December 6th: Elliot's Natural Foods in Sacramento 11am- 3pm  then Inman Family Winery from 6pm-10pm!
December 7th: The UC Davis Store Downtown 5pm-8pm
December 13th: Oliver's Market Montecito 3pm to 6pm
December 14th: Berkeley Bowl West 3pm to 7pm
December 15th: Oliver's Market Cotati 10am-1pm then Oliver's Market Stony Point 3pm to 6pm
December 16th: Central Park Davis Square Tomatos Craft Fair 11am to 3pm
We hope you come and join us at one of these fine events and learn, share, and celebrate all things Sola Bee! 

Upcoming Event

The Turkey Try-athon with Sola Bee at the Sac Co-op

Sola Bee Farms will be at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op twice this week! We will be in the store offer samples of our honey varietals this Thursday, November 15th from 11:30am to 2:30pm. It will be a sweet day to shop!
Then on Saturday, join us at the TURKEY TRY-ATHON from 11am to 5pm! It will be a seasonal tasting fair with vendors along every aisle! Taste your way to the perfect thanksgiving feast! 

Upcoming Event

Cheese and Honey Pairing -Whole Foods Market Davis

Cheese and honey...do we need to say more? Join us for the delicious, free, and educational Cheese and Honey pairing this Friday November 9th at Whole Foods Market in Davis! 
Claire will be there from 10:30 am to 12:00pm giving out free samples of delicious cheese paired with different varietals of Sola Bee Farm's honey!
Come out and enjoy!

Upcoming Event

Terrior 2012- From the Soil to the Table

Upcoming Event

Oliver's Markets Honey Demos!

Join us for free honey and cheese pairings! 
Claire and Sola Bee Farms will be at all three Oliver's Markets in Sonoma County next week! Monday, November 5th she will be at the Cotati Market from 3-5 pm and Thursday the 8th in the Montecito Market from 11-2 and then Stony Point Market  from 4-6pm.
Find directions here: http://www.oliversmarket.com/index.php/contact_us/

Upcoming Event

The Bounty of Pollination: More Than Just Honey

The new UC Davis Honey Center is hosting the "Bounty of Pollination: More Than Just Honey" Event this Saturday, October 27th at the Mondavi Institute of UC Davis. Sola Bee Farm's is participating in this educational and exciting event with honey varietal pairings, activities and a "best" honey contest. Proceeds from this event go directly to honeybee and pollination research.
For Tickets or more information visit: http://rmi.ucdavis.edu/bounty-of-pollination.
Press Release:

New Store Location

Sola Bee debuts in Sacramento

Sola Bee Farm's is proud to announce our first Sacramento location...The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op!
After meeting some of the wonderful staff of the Co-op at the Full Belly Farm's Hoes Down, Sola Bee honey has become a part of this wonderful market. The Sacramento Co-op, like Sola Bee Farms, has been a part of the Sacramento Valley since 1973. Locally owned and operated, the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op supports local agriculture, farmers, and community members by stocking only the most  authentic produce, grocery, and wellness items.
Sola Bee Farm's is buzzing with delight at this new location! Look forward to collaborative cooking classes featuring Sola Bee Farm's honey varietals paired with many different types of food!
Visit the Sacramento Co-op in person at 1900 Alhambra Blvd or online at http://www.sacfoodcoop.com/

Upcoming Event

Monticello Food Day Fair

Come experience the local food and crafts from the artisans and farmers of Yolo County. Monticello Seasonal Cuisine is graciously hosting this local event in their parking lot just across from the Davis Co Op. We will be there from 10-3pm! 
Joe will be serving our three new varietals paired with local nuts and cheeses, come out and enjoy! 
630 G Street 
Davis. CA 95616


Upcoming Event

Whole Foods Harvest Hullabaloo October 21st

In celebration on Fall and the new Davis Whole Foods Market we are having a Harvest Hullabaloo!
Come out for the FREE sampling of wonderful local foods and products that will be featured at the new Whole Foods Market. Sola Bee will be giving out samplings and for those of you who arrive early enough...free minibee honey jars! :)
500 First Street
Davis. CA 95616
Enjoy FREE samples from 25 local vendors that you can find at Whole Foods Market Davis! We'll also have a "Bling your bike" station, a chance to win a new bike from B & L Bike Shop, entertainment and more!

Upcoming Event

FoodBuzz Festival in SF

Sola Bee Farms is buzzing into the FoodBuzz Festival in San Franscico next Saturday, October 20th.
Sir Francis Drake Hotel
450 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA 94108
For more information and tickets visit:

New Store Location

Sola Bee Farm's is making a big buzz in Sonoma County!

Not one, not two...five new locations for Sola Bee in Sonoma County!
Check out or Store Locations link for all the details! We are fluttering with excitement over our new Oliver's Market stores, and our two new winery partners, Nicholson Ranch and Imnan Family Wines. Sola Bee Farm's is so grateful for our new retailers! 

Upcoming Event

Davis Chamber of Commerce Day on the Quad

Sola Bee Farms will be at UC Davis on October 4th!
Stop by and taste our three new varietals and their debut tasting! Sola Bee will be in the East Quad on the beautiful UC Davis campus from 10:30- 2:00pm. Many local Davis businesses will be there along side us.
It's going to bee a great event!


Become a Sola Bee Farm's Retailer

Interested in carrying Sola Bee Farm's products in your market? You can order wholesale online:  bbfdirect.com/rpc/sola-bee-farms-honey. Or email Claire for more information or for a price list! claire@solabeefarms.com

New Store Location

Whole Foods Market Davis!

Sola Bee is flying into the new Whole Foods Market 
Whole Foods is opening October 24th at 500 First Street in Davis, CA! Join us for the kick off event on October 21st on the green grass right in front of the store! Many vendors will be there to share their bounty with you, and you can bet your buzz we'll be there to share our sweet nectar too.
Come out and sample to free goodies that will be in the new market! It's a Free Bee... get it?!


Upcoming Event

Hoes Down Harvest Festival!


October 6th Hoes Down at Fully Belly Farm!
Join Sola Bee at Fully Belly Farm October 6th from 11am to 11pm! The Hoes Down festival is a fun filled day with many different vendors, activities, tutorials, and celebrations.
Click on the link below to learn more about this wonderful farm party and how to get tickets!
We want you to BEE there with us!

New Store Location

Sola Bee is in the City!

Sola Bee Farms has made it to San Francisco. 


Sola Bee Farms is proud to be in the city limits of SF, the historic, beautiful city by the bay. We have Buyer's Best Friend to thank for bringing us to the famous Haight and Ashbury area and into their Wholesale Mercantile. The BBF Wholesale Mercantile and Artisan Market is located at 1740 Haight St. between Cole St and Shrader St.).
This fabulous location is unique in a few ways- they offer tasting and samples of all of their artisan foods, they are open to the public, yet they also focus on offering samples and new products to grocery and market buyers. 
We are very excited about this new partnership, and we hope you stop by this awesome little market to taste our honey varietals, along with other great items they have to offer!

Upcoming Event

Sola Bee Farms to Participate in the Yolo County Fair Gala

Sola Bee Farms is proud to be a participant in the upcoming Yolo County Fair Gala on August 15th from 6:00-8:00pm. Please come out and enjoy a sampling of the bounty of delicious produce and products that Yolo County has to offer. 
Click here for more information about the Yolo County Gala!

Upcoming Event

Honey Tasting in Davis!

Honey Tasting at Common Grounds Coffee in Davis
Claire and Sola Bee Farms will be spreading the sweet goodness on Friday August 3rd at Common Grounds Coffee in Davis, CA. Come out and support two local businesses at once!
You can get a fresh cup of coffee or tea and sweeten it with one of our three delicious honey varietals. We will also have cheese and pastries for pairing with our honey. It's bound to bee a fun time.
2171 Cowell Blvd
Davis, CA 95618


New Store Location

Sola Bee Honey is in Wine Country

Sola Bee Farms is proud to be featured in Napa Valley's gorgeous Merryvale Vineyards tasting room. We invite you to visit their historical location at 1000 Main Street in Saint Helena, CA. Sola Bee Farms has beehives throughout Sonoma and Napa Valley's lush landscape, so Claire has been working hard to find local retailers to carry Sola Bee honey. Merryvale Vineyards was happy to support our bees and carry their delicious local honey. Check out their website and see why we are so excited about this new partnership! http://www.merryvale.com/ 
Our bees love Wine Country as much as the rest of us! Thank you Merryvale Vineyards for supporting Sola Bee Farms!

Free Honey Pairings in Santa Cruz area Next Week!

Sola Bee Farms is a buzzing into three market locations next week with free honey tasting and local cheese and fruit pairings. Join us at New Leaf Market in Capitola next Friday, July 6th from 11:30am to 2:00pm, then Westside Santa Cruz New Leaf Market from 3:00pm-7:00pm. Saturday, Claire will be spreading the buzz on at Staff of Life Market in Santa Cruz from 3:00pm-7:00pm. Check out our locations page for exact locations. We hope to see you there!


Sola Bee Honey Glazed Shrimp Tacos


Sola Bee Honey Glazed Shrimp Tacos
Best with Wine Country Wildflower honey 
Light yet satisfying, these savory little tacos 
are sure to please everyone at your table
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Servings 2-3
1 lb peeled raw shrimp (remove the tails)
3 fresh limes (4 Tbs lime juice)
3 Tbs Sola Bee honey
2 Tbs olive oil
2 tsp taco seasoning
1 diced organic avocado
½ cup chopped white onion
1 cup cabbage
1 package organic corn tortillas
Prep Instructions
Remove the tails from the shrimp and ensure they are deveined. Corsely chop the onions and cabbage set aside. Measure the taco seasoning, honey and lime juice (2 juiced limes or 3 tbs) and combine into a separate bowl. Dice the avocado and set aside. 
Cooking Instructions
Over medium heat, place olive oil and shrimp into a large nonstick skillet. Briefly sauté the olive oil and shrimp until the shrimp is just barely pink. Do not overcook. Drain the excess oil from the pan. Add the honey, taco seasoning and lime juice (2 of the fresh limes, or 3 tbs of the lime juice) to the shrimp. Turn heat to med-low until the honey-lime mixture begins to thicken into a glaze. Warm the tortillas in a separate pan or in the oven. Sauté the shrimp, stirring frequently, until they are fully cooked in the glaze (approx 4 minutes).
Place the shrimp into warmed tortillas and top with the onion, avocado, and cabbage.  Sprinkle the remaining lime juice on top. Voila!  Serve with your favorite salad or side dish. 


Recipe credit to Claire's best friend Martini Machado


Sola Bee Farms is featured in this month's issue of Comstock's Business Magazine

Trevor and I are thrilled to be featured in the "Snap" section of the June addition of Sacramento's Comstock's Business Magazine. We would like to thank Ken James and Christine Coit for their attention to detail and beautiful journalism. Ken braved the bees with Trevor during his photo shoot in an actual beeyard. He put on a beesuit along with his camera, and the results are stunning. Sola Bee loves Comstock's!


Sola Bee Farms Honey Makes An Excellent Wedding Favor

Check out the wedding favors we created for an upcoming wedding. If you're interested in Sola Bee Farms honey for your wedding favors contact Claire for more information.

Claire Maygren:


We're introducing three new honey varieties.

We are buzzing with delight! Sola Bee Farms is adding three new varieties to our honey line. Look forward to Yellow Starthistle, Blackberry, and Sweet Clover!
Stay on the lookout for these new varieties.


We're focused on growth.

Claire is taking a year off from teaching to devote herself to the Sola Bee Farms team! Keep an eye out for her in a market near you! She hopes to spread the buzz about Sola Bee throughout the land! Email her with market requests near you!

Upcoming Event

Free Honey Tasting!

Come join us for a honey tasting event and Common Grounds in Woodland.

Saturday, April 21st
10am to 12pm Saturday
Common Grounds
729 Main Street

Visit us in downtown Woodland for a few spoonful’s of Sola Bee honey. Claire will be there with our three honey varieties and pairings for you to enjoy.  It’s going to bee swarming!

New Store Location

Common Grounds, Woodland, CA

The gracious owners Son and Michelle have invited Sola Bee Farms into their new Woodland coffee house. Visit them for some coffee and honey.

Common Grounds
729 Main Street
Woodland, CA 95695

New Store Location

deLuna Jewelers, Davis, CA

Yes, that’s right, Sola Bee honey is so attractive that the local jewelers have added it to their display case! We are thrilled by the exciting welcome the deLuna family has given to Sola Bee Farms. Our honey sits along side exquisite gems and diamonds, so if you’re in the mood for a new piece of jewelry, stop in and grab a honey jar while you’re there!

deLuna Jewelers
521 2nd Street
Davis, CA 95616


Sola Bee Farms Honey Packging Wins Award

UNIT partners was awarded an American Graphic Design Award for the Sola Bee Farm’s honey labels! Congratulation to the UNIT team! We are so lucky to have such a creative group of friends who design gorgeous, eco-friendly labels.

Check out their other projects.


Sola bee farms is excited to annouce the launch of our 100% beeswax candles.

Sola Bee Honey comes directly from our honeybees, the flavors come directly from the local flowers the bees visit. Sustainably harvested and packaged, Sola Bee uses soy ink on post-consumer paper for our labels, and recycled glass in the production of our jars. Lightly filtered, Sola Bee honey delivers all the beneficial elements of the hive directly to you.

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