Honey Varietals

Sacramento Valley Wildflower

A complex flavor from a variety of spring and summer blooms, Sacramento Valley Wildflower is known for its ever-changing sweetness. Wildflower honey can vary in flavor depending on the season and blossoms the honeybees visit. Sacramento Valley Wildflower is sure to please anyone who enjoys pure, raw honey.

Black Button Sage

Sage honey is lighter in color with a mild and distinctive herbal flavor. Black Button Sage Honey has a floral aftertaste that pleases honey enthusiasts who enjoy a lighter flavor. The flavor of sage honey pairs well with rosemary, Parmesan cheese, or for use as a glaze or marinade on any meat. Unlike any other honey, Black Button Sage Honey is sought after for its natural ability to resist crystallization for long periods of time

White Sweet Clover

This traditional, yet suprisingly delicious amber colored honey is sure to please even the pickiest honey connoisseur with hints of apricot and clove followed by butterscotch notes.

White Sweet Clover honey pairs well with figs, light cheeses and hot or iced chai or spiced teas.

Wild Blackberry

Believe it or not, our Wild Blackberry honey is not artificially “infused” with blackberry flavors…its raw, pure fruit flavors come straight from the bees who visit the wild blackberry brambles around our farm in Petaluma, CA.

Wine Country Wildflower

Luscious and thick, this wildflower honey is often the sweetest honey Sola Bee produces. It is made from many different types of flowers, so its flavor ranges from season to season. Wine Country Wildflower is always extra sweet and scrumptious, making its allergy reducing qualities a treat as well as a necessity.

Yellow Star Thistle

Although Yellow Star Thistle is an invasive weed abhored by many farmers and gardeners, honeybees love this plant and use it to make one spectacular honey varietal. Light, crisp and full of flavor, Yellow Star Thistle honey pairs well with light goat cheeses or greek yogurt, and it’s great for use in coffee, as it will add just a hint of sweetness.

California Seasonal

We have a few areas that our bees forage where both lavender and blackberry are blooming, or clover and wildflower, therefore, the honey produced is a natural “blend” of these two flower sources. We do not blend or infuse our honey varietals (we believe in leaving them pure and raw as the bees produce it in nature). Yet, over the past few years we have had situations where our bees have produced an excess of honey in areas where multiple honey producing plants are blooming, so we’ve created our California Seasonal varietal.

Limited Edition

Our limited edition raw honey is a single flower sourced varietal that we produce small amounts of during different seasons. A treat for any honey lover, our limited edition varietal is sure to please!