Our Colony Leadership

Claire Tauzer

Brand Manager

Claire Tauzer is the community outreach and brand manager of Tauzer Apiaries/Sola Bee Farms. A former high school English teacher, Claire uses her education background to help communicate and promote the importance of professional pollination and the benefits of local varietal honey. Claire and her 2nd generation beekeeper husband, Trevor, began Sola Bee Farm’s honey brand in 2011 and are proud directly distribute their honey to more than 100 Northern California markets and retailers, including Whole Foods.  Claire is a passionate advocate for socially responsible business management, sustainable agriculture, local food banks, and foster youth through CASA. Claire and Trevor do their best to balance the needs of their bee business with their buzzing baby boys (4 years and 1.5 years) at home.

Trevor Tauzer

Beekeeper General Manager

Trevor Tauzer grew up beekeeping with his father. Throughout his life, he worked with his father keeping bees and on their family farm and pollinating crops throughout Yolo and surrounding counties. In 2002, he left his family farm to attend the University of California, Santa Cruz. After earning a college degree, Trevor’s love for the bees and honey brought him back to his family farm. He returned home with a new vision for the honey side of his family beekeeping and created Sola Bee Farms in 2011.

Trevor loves visiting and taking care of his beehives. He’s been known to spend up to 18 hours a day checking their health and honey production progress. He’s always looking for new foraging areas to keep our bees healthy and happy. Send him an email if you have land that you think would help our hives flourish! Trevor@solabeefarms.com

Heather Albin

Logistics Manager

Heather Albin joined the Tauzer Apiaries/Sola Bee Farms family in March of 2013. She’s the reason Sola Bee honey continues to arrive on the shelves and counters of our local communities. Heather grew up near the Tauzer Family farm in Woodland and she is very knowledgeable about local agriculture and farming. She works tirelessly to manage all the labeling, organization, deliveries, shipping and promotions.  Heather is a vital member of our Sola Bee Farms honey bee colony.

Aubrianne Zamora

Brand Ambassador

Aubrianne Zamora can be found at many of our special events and delivering our honey around town. She’s a flower farmer who owns  Zamora Flora with her husband, Cal. She’s plant expert who knows a TON about local flora. She’s amazing at describing our different honey varietals, so next time you see her at an event, ask away!

Rachel Morrison

Apiary Educator

Rachel Morrison founded The Beecharmers after falling in love with bees and beekeeping as a middle and high school science teacher. After several years of studying and using bees in class as examples of how science works in the real world, symmetry in nature, exploring their roles as part of a superorganism, graphing the magical waggle dance and elevating bees as an example of how human “hives” can function more efficiently and altruistically together in our societies, she wanted to share this joy with others full time.  Rachel now works for Sola Bee Farms as an Apiary Educator where she uses her knowledge and passion for honeybees to educate the community.

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