Our Story

Tauzer Apiaries: Sustainable Family Beekeepers

Since the Tauzer Family began homesteading in 1861, our farm has evolved and innovated with the changing times. From raising livestock to keeping bees, generations of the Tauzer Family have been committed to caring for the land and preserving family farming. Sola Bee Farms is the newest derivation of California agriculture on the Tauzer Family Homestead. We are committed to quality, innovation, and environmental stewardship. Like the flowers our bees rely on, our farm runs on the energy of the sun. Our farm provides year-round habitat for more than a dozen species of birds, including one of the largest Black-crowned night heron rookeries in Yolo County.

While maintaining ties to our rich agricultural heritage, we are eagerly pursing our future as Sola Bee Farms and are excited to offer the products of our hives directly to you.

We pride ourselves on nurturing healthy honeybee hives, which play a vital role in California agriculture, pollinating crops like almonds, cherries, melons and alfalfa. In between growing seasons, our bees forage on many different types of flowers and natural pasture land. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting Sola Bee hives on your Northern California property.

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