Sacramento Valley Wildflower 12oz Jar


A wildflower varietal with fruity, floral and cinnamon notes.

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This wildflower honey gets its complex flavor from a variety of spring and summer blooms. One of our three wildflower varietals, this honey has some of the same cinnamon notes as our other wildflower varietals, but with the added bonus of fruity and floral notes. Milder than our Wine Country Wildflower, this honey is a great addition to any recipe.

One of our family’s favorite snacks is sliced apples with peanut butter, Sacramento Valley Wildflower honey, and a pinch of salt.


Raw honey hardens and crystallizes over time. Honey does not spoil. To liquefy, place jar in warm water on the stove until crystals dissolve. Do not feed honey to infants under a year old.

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