Wild Blackberry 12oz Jar


Our strongest honey. This 2019 Good Food Award winning honey deserves a taste!

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This honey is quite robust upfront, but becomes more jammy and tart as the flavor profile develops. Wild Blackberry honey is great on everything, but it’s our favorite on top of fresh baked biscuits or even on vanilla ice cream. We’ve even used this one for homemade BBQ sauce that was met with rave reviews. The really wild thing is – because this is varietal honey – we don’t add any blackberries to it! Everything that you taste is the result of pollen, nectar, and the work of the bees.


Raw honey hardens and crystallizes over time. Honey does not spoil. To liquefy, place jar in warm water on the stove until crystals dissolve. Do not feed honey to infants under a year old.

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