From Tauzer Apiaries to Sola Bee Farms

Evolving Together Since 1861

The Tauzer family homesteaded in 1861 in Woodland, California. In 2008, we branched into Petaluma, CA as well. The family has always been committed to sustainable farming and agriculture. Most of the Tauzer family can still be found on their homestead, working and tending to their beloved honeybees and livestock. Mark Tauzer still runs his family farm with his focus on beekeeping. Mark began Tauzer Apiaries in 1971, and still works as a beekeeper today. The main difference between the 1861 Tauzer farm and the farm today is that now the entire farm is powered by solar panels.

Trevor Tauzer began Sola Bee Farms in 2011. He is committed to his family history of farming, yet eager to put into practice his new ideas. He created Sola Bee Farms as a way to bridge the perceived gap between traditional agriculture and sustainable business practices. Sola Bee Farms is the first honey company to produce and package their honey in a sustainable manner. By utilizing gravity filtration and low heat processing produced from solar panels, Sola Bee honey can “bee honest” and call itself sustainable harvested. Through Sola Bee Farm’s Trevor is committed to his past and also to the future by ensuring his bees a healthy environment and maintaining a green, eco-friendly business.

Sola Bee Farms prides itself on maintaining healthy bees from safe, local regions. We are always in search of new places for our bees to live and thrive. Let us know if you’re interested in having Sola Bees on your property.

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