Our Commitment

The Sola Bee Farms Promise

Sola Bee Farms promises to provide products to our customers in a sustainable, honey bee friendly way. We believe in promoting small businesses and family agriculture in Northern California. We pledge to always offer raw, pure honey and reuse all possible elements of the hive. We are committed to innovative beekeeping. We strive to educate the public on the importance of honeybees in our food production and about vital pollination practices. Sola Bee Farms is devoted to green business practices and healthy honeybees.

Sola Bee Farm’s sustainably harvests our local honey from our regionally located beehives during different honey producing seasons. All of our beehives are located in small groups on honeybee friendly Northern California farms and ranches. We rely on the stewardship of local wineries, ranchers and landowners who allow us to keep our honeybee hives on their diverse landscapes.

Our unique honey varietals are harvested during different seasons from their respective locations. This ensures our floral varietals are true to their unique nectar sources and locally sourced. We carefully and sustainably extract each honey varietal in small batches, only taking the excess honey from each hive. We are strong believers in healthy beekeeping practices, and honeybee health is our top priority. Our sustainably harvested honey is then packaged with recycled materials including post-consumer paper, recycled glass and soy ink labels.

Sola Bee honey is raw, 100% pure and contains no additives.  Our honey is unpasteurized and all natural, in order to maintain the integrity of honey and to preserve the pollens and proteins found in raw honey. Sola Bee honey delivers the natural pollens and beneficial elements of the hive directly to you.

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