Sola Bee Honey Varietals

Our pure, raw honey varietals come from the unique regions our honey bees reside in throughout Northern California. Each varietal is 100% pure raw honey with no additives, and all our honey is produced by our family’s happy honey bees. Scroll down to read about all the honey varietals we currently have available.

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Black Button Sage

Our Black Button Sage honey is light in color with a creamy texture. This super mild, buttery honey is great for anything you’d like to add a subtle sweetness to: from plain yogurt, to baking, and herbal teas.

White Sweet Clover

A darker, stronger honey than the traditional clover honey most folks are used to. You still get those nostalgic flavor notes that we like to call “Childhood in a Jar”, but with just a tiny bit more kick! We use this honey for homemade BBQ sauce, but our favorite way to eat this honey is smothered on warm a piece of cornbread. It doesn’t last long when there’s cornbread in the house!

California Seasonal Wildflower

Subtle cinnamon spice notes and occasional floral notes. One of our three wildflower varietals, this honey is a great medium of the other two varietals. We use wildflower honey for literally everything you could think to use honey for, but our favorite way to eat California Seasonal Wildflower is in snickerdoodle cookies and spiced teas.

Yellow Star Thistle

Light and crisp, it’s a great honey for teas, baking, or anything else that requires a mild honey. Our favorite way to enjoy this mild honey is in salad dressing. We use: olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, salt, and pepper. Because honey is an emulsifier, you don’t need to shake your vinaigrette as much in between uses!

Sacramento Valley Wildflower

One of our three wildflower varietals, this honey has some of the same cinnamon notes as our other wildflower varietals, but with the added bonus of fruity and floral notes. Milder than our Wine Country Wildflower, this honey is a great addition to any recipe. One of our family’s favorite snacks is sliced apples with peanut butter, Sacramento Valley Wildflower honey, and a pinch of salt.

Wine Country Wildflower

The strongest of our three wildflower honey varietals, Wine Country Wildflower doubles down on the cinnamon spiciness that can be found in the other two varietals. We’ve taken to using it as a syrup replacement when we have pancakes on Sunday mornings, but it goes great with anything you’d like impart with a stronger honey flavor and a hint of cinnamon.

Limited Edition

Our Limited Edition, raw honey is produced to take advantage of rare or occasional, single-flower blooms that occur during different season or growing conditions. A truly “small batch” honey!

Wild Blackberry

Our bold, unique and award-winning Wild Blackberry honey is our best seller. This honey is quite robust upfront, but becomes more jammy and tart as the flavor profile develops. The really wild thing is – because this is varietal honey – we don’t add any blackberries to it! Everything that you taste is the result of pollen, nectar, and the work of the bees.

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